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Code Review

This type of activity is carried out by analyzing the code written by the customer himself or by his supplier, in order to help you discover any errors or possible abnormalities that could lead to inefficiencies or problems once in operation.
The analysis typically focuses on three aspects: safety, reliability and performance.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

IT Attitude operates, from the beginning, in the area of integration between heterogeneous systems. Regardless of platform or by customer choice or preferred technology, the solutions we propose typically converge Service Oriented approach.

We implement SOA on Microsoft platforms and JEE, according to ESB requirements or other tools that help creation and management.

Document Management

IT Attitude is active in the field of document management, both in consulting, thanks to the knowledge of some of the major energy tools on the market, both in the provision of solutions “turnkey.”

Security & Consultation

IT Attitude arise from the work of professionals, coming in part from the banking industry. Today a large percentage of our market is from banks.

Security is therefore a key factor for us, always. Nothing is done ignoring this aspect.

We are active in the prevention field of phenomena such as Phishing and Malware. We provide solutions for Digital Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention.

Design, research, development, management and security. In all these fields we can offer high-level advice and proven efficiency.

Applicazione web mobile

Sviluppiamo applicazioni avvalendoci sempre delle tecnologie più avanzate, combinando programmazione, moderne tecniche di design e marketing.

Ci dedichiamo con professionalità alla realizzazione di applicazioni per le aziende.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

IT Attitude has presented practically as first solution, its own CRM solution, knowing well how and what is the importance of a platform like that inside every company.

Digital Right Management

IT Attitude is present on the market of Digital Right Management with consultancy activities and with their own solution, suitable for anyone who needs to indentify the information recipient, limiting visibility and ensuring the necessary confidentiality.


Create specific cloud solutions in design and integration management with the existing ICT infrastructure, ensuring business continuity model.

Creare specifiche soluzioni cloud nella progettazione e nella gestione dell’integrazione con l’infrastruttura ICT esistente, assicurando un modello di business continuity.



Designing software applications as a collection of small services, each of them is run by its own process. The common features are automated deployment, intelligence on the endpoints and the decentralized control of languages and data. No matter the scenario, no matter the purpose: the solution is always distributed.