Etymologically of the word SAFETY comes from the Latin “sine cura” (without care) as if it were a recommendation to stay calm, because every technological mean to stay protected has been put in place, “we’re safe”.



Considering danger as an unforeseeable event independent from our choice and risk as a calculable occurrence, measurably dependent by human decision, safety’s first objective is to reduce danger into risk.


At IT Attitude, we design and develop solutions that help our customers to be more secure and prepared to face every threats in which we are exposed on Internet.

Every functionality, every tool thought and created is born from the need to create fundamental instruments to know the enemy and ourselves, specifically the perimeter to protect and the limits to overcome.

We work on different projects, in different areas, with different teams, but security is always our focus.

For several years, IT Attitude works alongside some of the major Italian and global private players in the banking and insurance sectors.

From this experience and from our passion for research comes our solution dedicated to IT security.

It’s a solution that provides information in a simple, intuitive and rapid way. In addition to providing information, however, this solution allows you to activate a monitor of critical resources. In this way, every change is notified to the person in charge of managing the specific situation.


Main features:

  • Daily list of domains created and updated.
  • Monitoring of created domains, brand protection.
  • Finding information related to a domain.
  • Finding information related to an IP address.
  • News from the cyber security world.
  • Reputation analysis.
  • Host scanning and ability to monitor the state changes of TCP ports.
  • Monitoring of HTTPS certificates used by web servers.
  • Multiple antivirus scan.
  • History of vulnerabilities and possibility to activate monitoring on specific products.

These features are provided by a modern UI but they are available as APIs that can be easily integrated using any programming language.

This allows everyone to take the features you need and integrate them into their systems!

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